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Scale Model Skeletons

Mini Mike Skeleton
  These are the top of the line mini skeletons. Accurately reproduce  all anatomical details and structure. The skull, arms and legs can be removed. The Skull disassembles into 3 parts.  Specially mounted hip joints demonstrate natural rotation of the hips and flexible spine has soft intervertebrae disks.  Made of unbreakable plastic and hand-assembled.
No. SH221-MA. Only $234.95
Mini Mike with Pelvic Joint
Fully articulated joint.
No. SH221-MB. Only $279.95
Mini Mike with Painted Muscles
Shows muscle insertions and origins. The stand can be placed on a table or attached to a wall
No. SH221-MC. Only $334.95
Mini Mike with Painted &
Numbered Muscles

Comes with pelvic mount stand.
No. SH221-MD. Only $364.95
Mini Mike Skeleton Painted Muscles  
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