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3/4 Life-Size Muscle Figures

Deluxe Dual-Sex Muscle Figure
   This 45-part muscle figure is one of the finest anatomical teaching tools available anywhere.  It is 3/4th the size of the human body and stands 4 1/2 feet tall.  Because it's smaller than life-size, it's possible to display it on a desk or table for lectures.  The reduced size also makes it more affordable than a full-scale model.  Yet it's big enough to provide all the detail you will ever want.  It depicts deep and superficial musculature and the body's major nerves, vessels, tissues and organs, all in exquisite detail.  The internal organs are removable (45 pieces in all) to reveal the fundamental interrelationships of human morphology.  Remove the calvarium to view the 2-part removable brain.  Look beneath the liver to see the gallbladder and bile duct.  Peer inside the appendix, stomach, lungs, heart or kidney.  Remove and view the details of 13 different muscles of the arms and legs. This dual-sex figure has interchangeable genital inserts and a female mammary gland as well as a detailed multilingual key card identifying the hand-numbered structures.  Over 600 hand-numbered and identified structures.  Hand painted in realistic colors and mounted on a convenient heavy-duty rolling floor stand.
No. SH373-AA.  Only $6,695.95
Deluxe Female Muscle Figure - 23 Parts
   This female version of the above muscle figure is without internal organs, brain and male genital inserts, but still provides the same quality characteristics of the muscles described above.  Hand painted in realistic colors and mounted on a convenient base.  The model consists of 23 parts.  Includes 5 arm and shoulder muscles, 8 leg and hip muscles, detachable arms, leg, head and abdominal wall for detailed study.
SH373-AB.  Only $6,295.95
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