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Hip Joint with Muscles
Muscled Hip Joint
Articulating right hip joint features the following muscles: gluteus medius piriformis, gemellus superior and inferior with obturator internus and iliacus showing branch of psoas major.  Includes removable patient education card and plastic base.
No. SH384-BA.  Only $139.95


Mini Hip Joint Model
    This model has been reduced to half natural size, permitting it to easily fit just about anywhere.  In spite of its small size, it has all the functionality of the life-size models described below. This superbly detailed model features a joint cross section mounted on the base which may be used to explain what is happening within the joint. 
Mini Hip Joint Model without base
No. SH386-AA.  Only $45.95
Mini Hip Joint Model with base
No. SH386-AB.  Only $54.95

Both of the above models are available as part of our Joint Sets

Functional Hip Joint
  This life-size flexible joint may be used to demonstrate abduction, anteversion, retroversion, internal rotation, external rotation and more.  Great for patient education.
Mounted on base.
Deluxe Hip Model
   This natural size right joint with ligaments demonstrates the same physiological movements as the Functional Shoulder Model.  The color of  the natural cast bones is extremely realistic. The cartilage on the joint surfaces is marked blue. Mounted on base
No. SH384-CA.  Only $109.95
No. SH384-CB.  Only $139.95

Both of the above models are available as part of our Joint Sets

6-Part Hip Joint
   Right hip joint of an adult male with the individual muscles as well as the muscle origins and insertions on the femur and the hip bone. For educational purposes, the origin (red) and insertion areas (blue) of the muscles have been raised and are presented in color. The hip muscles are mounted  on their corresponding regions of origin and insertion and are removable. Comes with base.
No. SH384-BA.  Only $349.95


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